Aldine Texas

Arlene Nichols Memorial Park

Location:  222 Raymac St, Houston, TX 77037, USA Arlene Nichols Memorial Park is an Convenient, well-kept, and quiet, It’s cute and all the kids will enjoy the part atmosphere. It has a good playground Relaxing, Interesting way to past the time Excellent place to run  and exercise.

Pep Mueller Park

Location:14750 Henry Rd, Houston, TX 77060, USA Amazing park for children It’s a decent size park. This is a clean family oriented park. There are no drugs or thugs lingerie around. Basketball court, field for soccer, baseball, and football. Very quiet. Very clean and well maintained! Fun for all ages.

La Escondida Soccer Club

Location: 770373526, 1120 Hill Rd, Houston, TX 77037, United States The La Escondida Soccer Club is the Best place to play and watch live soccer Hidden soccer fields. Great atmosphere that promotes Soccer for all. A very quiet place. Good place for family to enjoy. The food is really good and very Neat place.